Zv - Real, spol. s ro is a real estate agency in Slovakia since 2000, which has rich experience on the market and this year celebrates its 18th anniversary since the founding of the company. During our time, we have realized a number of sales of various types of real estate.

We provide our clients with professional services in the field of purchase, sale and rental throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic. In addition to services, we also provide real estate services, including sales advice, assistance with purchasing sales, rentals, gift certificates, and expert opinions. When selling, buying and renting, we automatically provide legal services, and we also issue certificates of inheritance.

We do not offer real estate activities, services and especially experience in selling, buying and renting only in the territory of the Slovak Republic, but we extend our reach to Egypt, where we provide our complete services to Slovak, Czech, German and English clients.

Within our competencies, we can provide you with additional services in the following areas in our office:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Refinance loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Real estate insurance
  • Life insurance
  • savings
  • PZP / Kasko

We put emphasis on individual, discreet approach to our clients, taking into account their personal needs and requirements. Client satisfaction and trust are at the top of us and therefore we want to be a partner you can rely on.

Our total services in Egypt do not end with the sale of the real estate, but they continue with the care of not renting them, searching for potential clients for renting apartments, holiday resorts, or year-round rentals.
The service includes:

  • Flat cleaning services and apartments
  • Exchange of clean linen after guests
  • Ensuring the import / removal of clients from the airport and the airport

The client leaves our real estate office with comprehensive services to be provided by professional professionals with years of experience and rich experience in its field and real estate business.

The company Zv - Real, spol. s ro is willing to help you with any requirement concerning the purchase, sale and rental of real estate. We are ready to save you and make effective use of your time, energy and finance. We are looking forward to our cooperation!